SINCE 1900


In the fragrant and colorful air of our land, among the wonderful lands of southern Italy, lies the compelling story of a company that saw the light of day in the early 1900s. Pasquale Schioppi and his son Luigi, two men with strong hearts and unstoppable tenacity, they embarked on an epic adventure in the commercialization of cereals and dried legumes. Overcoming challenges and obstacles, with dedication and passion, they began to collect genuine treasures from the best production areas nationwide.

Luigi Schioppi, endowed with an extraordinary entrepreneurial intuition and a deep knowledge of the products, immediately set the primary objective of his activity to offer consumers a sensory journey towards culinary excellence. The love for the earth and its nutritious richness turned into a commitment to give the world products with a high quality standard, healthy and genuine, capable of warming the hearts and palates of anyone who tastes them.

And so, over the years, our company has cultivated its experience in the sector, joyfully embracing the challenges that time and the market have presented. We have adapted to the changes, embracing new processing and packaging techniques, but there is something that has never changed: our dedication to the products of the earth and the tireless will to bring only the best to your tables.
With our expert hands, we transform the magic of legumes into a fine and nutritious pasta, made with very high quality legume flour. Our pasta is a warm embrace that envelops your senses, travels through your emotions and delicately settles in your heart. And when you cook it, you will smell the authentic scent of tradition, the history of generations that come together in a single and indissoluble knot.

Every bite of our pasta is a celebration of authentic flavors, a symphony of culinary excellence that speaks of the passion of those who create it and the love for your health. The goodness of our land is enclosed in every grain, and our commitment travels to new heights every day, bringing the best of our tradition to your table.

So, we invite you to sit down with us, immerse yourself in our history and savor every moment of this unique experience. A journey through time, between memories and dreams, to discover the essence of the most authentic Italy and its timeless cuisine.

In every flavour, you will find passion and respect for nature, care for your well-being and the promise of an ever greener future. We are a bridge between tradition and innovation, between the roots that make us unique and the desire to grow and surprise.

We are the company that has its heart in the land, its mind in innovation and its soul in your pleasure. With a smile on our lips and joy in our hearts, we welcome you to our world, a world in which pasta is the common thread between the hearts of those who create it and those who taste it.

classic pasta and legume pasta

premium pasta from durum wheat flour &
gluten-free pasta made from legume flour






Schioppi produces products with premium level classic flours and GLUTEN FREE products with legume flour


produce only products that can guarantee the highest expectations of customers

In the Schioppi house, nothing is left to chance. Each product is the result of research, selected raw materials, unique production processes and essential organoleptic qualities